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Our Colombian coffee is equally exceptional, being a blend of 100% Colombian ground coffee sourced from the famous "Coffee Triangle Region" of Caldas. This authentic and real coffee is the perfect complement to the benefits of Lion's Mane.

We pride ourselves on offering a unique product that stands out from the rest. Our Lion's Mane mushroom is 100% organic and sourced from wood-grown fruiting bodies, ensuring pure and potent results without any added filters, starch, grains, or mycelium. We believe in providing the highest quality product, which is why we use 30g (30,000 mg) in each bag, with 1g per serving being the minimum dose needed to feel the real benefits of this incredible superfood for your body and mind.

The fruiting bodies of mushrooms are packed with essential nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Unlike mycelium, which is the root-like structure of the mushroom, fruiting bodies are incredibly flavorful and contain no fillers like rice, oats, or grains. In fact, fruiting bodies have higher concentrations of vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, beta-carotene, and various B vitamins, making them a superior source of nutrition.

On the other hand, mycelium products are typically grown on oats or rice for speed, resulting in low potency and up to 65% starch content. This is why mycelium products are not considered a mushroom by the FDA and contain very little of the important compounds and vitamins found in fruiting bodies. By choosing fruiting body mushrooms, you are saying goodbye to flavorless mycelium products and hello to a more potent and flavorful source of nutrition.

While our mushrooms are definitely pure magic in terms of their healing properties, they won't cause any hallucinations. Only mushrooms containing psylocibin can cause hallucinations, and Lion's Mane does not contain any psylocibin. So, you can consume our mushroom coffee without any fear of side effects.

Unfortunately, we are not able to give specific recommendations on which products to take, as we are not qualified medical professionals. We recommend consulting your healthcare professional before consuming our product if you are pregnant or nursing.

When it comes to brewing, use your preferred method, such as French or Italian press, paper filter, or coffee maker. Just make sure to use water that isn't boiling and mix in 1/4 oz or the amount needed to adjust the taste.

Lion's Mane mushroom powder has a mild, slightly earthy flavor that should not significantly alter the taste of the coffee.
Our coffee is blended with just the right amount of Lion's Mane mushroom - 16% per bag - to ensure a perfect balance between the coffee's rich flavor and the mushroom's health benefits. This carefully crafted blend preserves the delicious taste of the coffee while providing you with the optimal amount of Lion's Mane mushroom in every cup. Enjoy the benefits of functional mushrooms without compromising on the taste of your coffee! Lion’s mane taste Umami literally means essence of deliciousness in Japanese.