Lion´s Mane Mushroom Coffee

Lion´s Mane Mushroom Coffee

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Colombian premium Coffee & Lion’s Mane mushroom mix

210g per bag. One bag per order

Our coffee is 100% Colombian medium roasted ground coffee, a blend from Caldas, the famous “Coffee triangle region”. Real and authentic Arabica coffee.

CafeDominguez is a special coffee producer for us in Basmagic Mushrooms, a Colombian coffee brand made by and for coffee lovers.
Roasted to express red fruit and toffee fragrance, and sweet caramel flavor to balance the taste. It has medium acidity and a silky and balanced body that all our friends love.
CafeDominguez sources directly from farmers to empower them to have better living conditions, with better chances of health and educational services.

Our mushrooms are 100% organic, Lion’s Mane from wood-grown fruiting bodies, pure (no added filters, starch, grains, or mycelium). We use 30g of mushrooms per bag (30.000 mg), 1g per serving is the minimum recommended dose to feel the real change in your body and mind.